2015 Lebanese Heritage Festival Sponsors


Peter and Christine Ackourey & Family

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Soma

IMO David & Tyro Soma

Mr. & Mrs. Adeeb Hazzouri

The Deeb and Michaels Families

Edward M. Hazzouri

Gaynor Cawley & Kathy Karam Cawley

IMO Herbie and Marie Karam

The Russo Family

Joan M. Gustin

IMO George Gustin & Deceased Members of the Gustin Family


"In Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered"

George & Jeanette Soma Wagner

ILMO Deceased of the Soma & Wagner Families

Advanced Digital Data, Inc.

David & Patty Wagner

Dr. Paws

Gerrity's Supermarkets

Bolus Motor Lines, Inc.

Dr. Guido and Mary Ann Smith LaPorta

The LaPorta and Abbott Families

Children of George & Emilie Leon Mackarey

IMO George & Emilie Leon Mackarey

James J. Mowad

IMO Mowad & Yamin Families

M/M James (Anne Hazzouri) McAndrew

IMO Harry and Anna Carino

Thomas & Kathleen Habeeb Senofonte

IMO Fred Habeeb

Atty. Michael & Lynn Peters Thiel

The Thiel Family

Jeff Rosenstein (Atlantic Fresh Trading, LLC)

IMO Eugene and Dorothy Rosenstein

Carl J. Savino Jr.

IMO Carl and Paddy Savino

Nasser Real Estate, Inc.

The City Café

Juliette Saadi

Rick and Marlene Karam

IMO Herbie and Marie Karam

Jay Rosenstein & Carole Artabane

IMO Norman & Lois Artabane

Fred Karam & Family

IMO Stanley and Mary Karam

Dr. Stephen & Susan Peters Sorokanich

IMO Ferdie & Shirley Peters & son Bobby

Keystone Fence

Bedway Leon

Joseph E. & Patricia A. Bartnicki

The Bartnicki Family

Bedway & Jacqueline Leon

IMO Joseph & Dorothy Leon

John Buzad

IMO My Loving Wife Therese Buzad

Ann M. Nehme

IMO James Nehme & son Albert M. Nehme

Barbara Gustin

IMO Joseph Gustin

Butsko Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC

M/M Michael Sirianni and Mary Ann Sirianni - Siconolfi

IMO Joseph and Alyce Sirianni

Ackourey & Turel, PC

Dr. JR & Emily Karam

Karam Orthodontics

Terrence V. Gallagher & Catherine A. Gallagher

Gallagher Law Offices, PC

The Saks Family

Rachel S. Michaels

IMO Albert F. Michaels

Vitali's Market

The Roerink Family

Dr. & Mrs. Paul J. Mackarey

Mackarey & Mackarey Physical Therapy Consultants, LLC

The Keystone Restaurant

Jennifer, Ryan & Sophia Iorio

Atty. Paul P. & Bernadette Ackourey

Barbara Ann Hazzouri

IMO Fred Karam, Catherine Karam and Mary "Monnie" Karam

Barbara Ann Hazzouri

IMO Sarkis, Sr.& Esme Karam Hazzouri, Sarkis Hazzouri, Jr. and Dr. J. Christian Kirijan

Michael A. Hazzouri

IMO Dalal Hazzouri

Cosentini Family

IMO Sam "Zibe" Cosentini

Elizabeth Peters

IMO Albert E. Peters

Citizens Savings Bank

Paul, Rose & Lily Ludgate

IMO Paul & Nellie Shahum

Peter M. Butera

Peter Butera/Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

John Lemoncelli

Red Top Auto Sales

Julie Artabane & Brett Young Cooper

In Honor of our Papa from Jackson, Holden and Scout

Atty. James Wetter

Dougherty, Leventhal & Price

Major Plumbing & Heating

Robert & Sally Karam Yovish Family

Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gallagher

IMO Joseph A. and Louise Zogby Hazzouri

Drs. Thomas A. & Lorraine Artabane

IMO Aziz and Anna & Norman and Lois Artabane

Tom & Margie Tulaney

IMO Sarkis & Rita Tulaney

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Mowad

IMO Deceased members of the Mowad and Yamin Families

Ann Marie Dippre

IMO Robert J. & Mary Gustin Dippre

Anthracite Auto Exchange, Inc.

Joe Vancosky

IMO Deceased members of the Azze & Vancosky Families

Sprint Print, Inc.

Kearney Funeral Homes, Inc.

Barbara Albert

IMO Albert G. Albert, Sr.

Mark & Michele Abbott McDade

IMO The Abbott and McDade Family

Michael J. Mackarey Jr.

IMO Deceased Members of the Mackarey & Tobin Families

Norman & Alfred Karam & Evelyn Karam Small

IMO Rafool & Zahia Karam

Brother Joseph McDonnell, CSC

IMO Joseph, Alice and Robert McDonnell

Atty. Joseph S. Colbassani

Attorney at Law

Milo's Place, Inc.

Georgette Mackarey Elias

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